Washington Interpreters Practice Sessions

Who are we?

WIPS is a practice group that aims to mimic the realities of the DC conference interpreting market. Currently, that means: Zoom, relay on Zoom, remote handovers, biactive booths, and panel discussions.

WIPS is a safe space for interpreters to give and receive feedback from peers. We offer different styles of speeches, with panels, discussions, and interviews, as well as different modes, including consecutive, simultaneous, and sim with text.

We try to adapt sessions to our colleagues’ needs and to help them work on their goals: adding a C language, preparing for an exam, or perfecting their retour. Sessions are held online every other week.



Who can join us?

Professional interpreters or motivated second-year grad students who have English in their combination. All participants are expected to contribute by giving speeches, serving as panelists, and/or giving feedback. The most important rule at WIPS: Be nice!


What languages do we offer?

English and up to three other languages per session, based on attendance and requests.

The languages of the Americas are most common (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French), but we also regularly have Russian and Arabic. Other languages are welcome!

Our Admins

Amory Jendrek

Steve Mazancourt

Wall-E Jendrek

Olivia OcaƱa-Quintana

Where to find us


Our social media

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