Red de Práctica de Interpretación Simultánea

Who are we?

Repris was founded in order to provide Madrid-based interpreters with a space for practice, professional development and experimentation with new languages, topics or techniques. As the pandemic forced us to move online, this space widened to welcome participants from all over the world.

Interpreting practice can benefit everyone, from interpreting students to seasoned professionals, because there is always room for improvement. Different life experiences and fields of expertise lead to different perspectives which enrich our practice group with diverse speeches, feedback and advice.

The group is based on professional solidarity: every participant must be willing to prepare speeches and provide feedback to colleagues.



Who can join us?

Professional interpreters and conference interpreting master’s degree students.


What languages do we offer?


Speeches are usually in Spanish, English or Italian, but we often offer other languages (German, French) and have a regular Polish session.

Our Admins

Teresa López González

Andrea Nieto Wisniewska

Where to find us

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