London Interpreters’ Practice Group

Who are we?

LIPG is a practice group for conference interpreters based in the UK (mainly London). Our mission is to enable peer supported interpreting practice (both consecutive and simultaneous) for conference interpreters. We’re a collaborative community where everyone contributes into the sessions.

We practice on live and pre-recorded speeches as well as live debates concerning a wide range of topics. This approach aims at sharing good practice and obtain peer-to-peer feedback.

The practice sessions take place once a month at London Metropolitan University (pre-COVID). At the moment they are organised online with the hope to have hybrid sessions once the pandemic is over.



Who can join us?

Professional conference interpreters with a degree or relevant experience, recent graduates. If you’d like to join, get in touch on the e-mail address below or on our Facebook page and you’ll be asked to fill in a short questionnaire.


What languages do we offer?

English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian.

Our Admins

Danielle D’Hayer (Coordinator)

Ewa Jasinska-Davidson

Laura Pol Bodetto

Maria Leonardi

Marta Zielinska-Moyce

Where to find us

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