AmeriVox – Grupo de Práctica

Who are we?

We are a group of interpreters from the Americas who have created a space for colleagues from all over the world. Our group is open to interpreters who have at least one of the four official AmeriVox languages (PT, EN, FR, ES) as their A, B, or C languages and who agree to engage in feedback-based deliberate practice to hone their interpreting skills regardless of their experience (as we believe in continuing education and constant improvement).

Our sessions are held the fourth Saturday of every month and take the form of a mock online conference centered on a specific theme. They include live speeches in PT, EN, FR and ES, individual feedback rounds, and extra time for a live-translated group discussion on thematic content, interpreting challenges and techniques in a fun-filled, supportive setting.



Who can join us?

Professional interpreters or second-year grad students. Sign language interpreters are also welcome!


What languages do we offer?


English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

All other oral and signed languages are welcome, but interpreters must come with a partner.

Our Admins

Daniele Fonseca

Krissi Michaud

Melissa Mann

Nathalie Greff-Santamaria

Patricia Loreto

Viviana Tipiani

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